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Datel Slaps Microsoft With Lawsuit Over Xbox Memory Card

Memory card manufacturer Datel Design and development has announced that it will be suing Microsoft after the software behemoth prevented third party memory cards to be used with its Xbox 360 gaming console.

The issue occurred during the latest update which introduced social networking features but also blocked Datel's Max Memory card readers which allows users to use less expensive and more generic MicroSD cards for storage.

Datel has appointed Howard Rice Nemerovski Canady Falk & Rabkin to represent them and the director of the law firm, Marty Glick, said that "Microsoft has taken steps to render inoperable the competing Datel memory card for no visible purpose other than to have that market entirely to themselves".

Microsoft charge up to four times the amount Datel customers pay per Gigabyte. There are apparently 50,000 Xbox 360 users which have been hit by Microsoft's decision to ban Datel devices.

Other third party storage manufacturers could also come forward and join Datel, who is accusing Microsoft of violating current US antitrust law.

Our Comments

Microsoft apparently said that it wanted to prevent third party memory accessories to facilitate cheating. But then, as Nowgamer's Dan Howdle pointed out, buying multiple Xbox 360 gaming consoles, is also a sign of cheating attempts. Will Microsoft ban people looking to buy more than one gaming console? Surely not.

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