Shazam Partners With RED Over Fight Against Africa's Plights

Shazam, the online music search engine has announced the launch of its brand new iPhone app in collaboration with RED, a charity which fights against AIDS, Malaria and Tuberculosis in Africa.

The launch of the app comes just two weeks after the launch of its premium iPhone and the application has been christened as SHAZAM RED. Shazam incidentally has more than 10 million iPod Touch and iPhone users around the world.

Expressing satisfaction at the development Seb Bishop, the CEO of RED mentioned that various collaborations had generated $140 million globally since the launch of the charity and all of the money was going to fund its AIDS program in Africa. He also said that the collaboration with Shazam will be of immense importance to the charity’s cause.

Andrew Fisher, CEO of Shazam, said that Shazam will help its users to positively impact the people in Africa who are suffering from AIDS and other severe diseases. He also said the company was honored to be the first mobile application to partner with RED.

Our Comments

The new app will perform music searches just like the old one, the only difference being that when you buy the app for £2.99, 20 percent of it will go to RED charity. The charity has also collaborated with companies like Converse, Gap, Dell and Starbucks in the past.

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