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Sony Ericsson Satio Sales Suspended By Carphone Warehouse

Crisis-hit mobile phone maker Sony Ericsson has suffered yet another major setback when two leading retail giants have suspended the sales of its signature 12-megapixel handset Satio over the spate of complaints about a galling software glitch in it.

Two of the UK’s largest retail chains, Carphone Warehouse and Phones 4U, have called off the sales of Sony Ericsson’s flagship handset Satio after a swarm of users have turned in to the stores to return their flawed handsets.

Some of the Satio users have been complaining about a technical snag, which involves switching down of the handset when they tried accessing some specific applications in it.

The issue reportedly lies in the software of the handset that hasn’t been resolved by the over-the-air security patch.

Playing down the issue, Sony Ericsson has said that a “fairly low” number of Satio users have returned their handsets to the stores in comparison to the number of customers purchased it, and that the company is working on to fix the problem by Christmas.

“We want customers to have complete confidence and satisfaction in the handsets they buy from us, which is why we have temporarily withdrawn the Sony Ericsson Satio from sale”, Carphone Warehouse said in a statement.

Our Comments

Glitches happen but then Sony Ericsson should probably have been more proactive and careful especially when it comes to a flagship model like the Satio which is the only 12-megapixel camera phone on the market. Such issues could potentially harm the great job done by the company over the last few months.

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