£320 Asrock PC ION 330-BD Dual Core 2GB 320GB BluRay No OS

ASRock's ION 330-BD is a nettop PC with NVIDIA Ion graphics and Blu-ray.

The Ion 330-BD is boosted by Intel Atom 330 Dual Core processor, 2GB RAM, and NVIDIA Ion graphics chipset. It gets a 320GB hard drive and DVD Super Multi Writer/Blu-Ray combo drive

ASRock ION 330 comes with the latest Atom + NVIDIA ION graphics processor. It satisfies you with the high quality audio and visual environment.

Comparing with other system configuration, ASRock ION 330 provides 10 times faster in speed for graphics and video encoding performance scaling.

In addition, it also supports Full HD 1080p (Blu-ray /HD-DVD)* playback, 3D gaming, premium Windows vista, and Windows 7.

A nettop, based on the Intel Atom processor, is a an innovative device offering basic PC functionality.

These purpose-built devices deliver an affordable basic computing experience and easy access to the Internet.

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