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Apple Celebrates Black Friday With UK Sales

Apple will be having a one day shopping event this Friday in its online store as it participates in the yearly Black Friday sales which falls on the 27th of November this year.

The teaser page (opens in new tab) for the UK Black Friday sale doesn't provide with more details and products in its refurbished store will certainly not be included in the promotion.

Tech blog Boygeniusreport published a leaflet (or poster) containing a list a number of deals to be offered by Apple in the US. The deal includes iPod Nanos starting from $138, iMacs and Macbook Pros prices dropping to $1098 while Apple TVs prices were slashed to $208.

Apple has not confirmed the prices or whether the poster was indeed genuine but BGR has very rarely, in the past, posted duds although the last leaked Apple Friday ad was a fake one.

Discounts are expected to be in the regions of £60 for a Macbook and £30 for the iMac, based on last year's Black Friday sale and the current economic climate might encourage Apple to be a bit more liberal when it comes to the discounts.

Our Comments

All Apple products, including the iPhone, will apparently feature in the sales, complete with free delivery. Stocks are apparently limited and some products might not be on sale in some countries. The promotion is only taking place online and is not mirrored by Apple resellers (like Amazon).

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