Emblaze Mobile Unveils Else Intuition Linux Smartphone

Emblaze Mobile, an Israel-based mobile phone manufacturer, has announced plans to bring out a cutting edge device that it purports would transform the mobile experience to a great extent.

Showcased at an event in London on Tuesday, the new handset, dubbed as “First Else”, is incorporating Else Intuition, a breakthrough Linux-based mobile phone operating system collaboratively developed by Emblaze Mobile and Access Software.

The device, pricing details of which are yet to be revealed, is expected to hit the shelves in the first quarter of the next year.

About its hardware, the device seems to be well-equipped with 854x480 capacitive screen, along with a 5-megapixel camera, and a considerably scraggy casing.

First demoed in Japan last month, the handset boasts of features which will function rather autonomously to each other.

For instance, if a user gets a call while using the GPS service, then the device flashes a small notification to make the user aware of the waiting call. That’s not just it, as it allows the user to send a notification to the caller to check out if the call is urgent without closing the running application.

Extolling the capabilities of this promising device, Amir Kupervas, chief executive of Emblaze, told V3.co.uk that "We are not a phone. When you're using an application, the entire device becomes that application, so it delivers the same experience as best-of-breed dedicated devices. If you play music, you get the experience comparable to an iPod. For email you get the experience of a BlackBerry, and for navigation the experience of TomTom”.

Our Comments

The phone has one of the the highest screen resolutions of any smartphones in the market. One thing that we have yet to discover is what Linux distribution Emblaze has chosen. Is it, like Vodafone's 360 mobile phones, LiMo or another more exotic OS? We will keep a close look on this one.

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