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Virgin Media To Bring Back TiVo In The UK In 2010

Virgin Media has announced that it is planning to bring TiVo back to UK in the near future. TiVo Inc. and Virgin Media have concluded a deal which will entitle TiVo to supply its middleware and user interface software to next generation Virgin Media set top-boxes, set to be launched in UK next year.

TiVo, a US-based company, first came to UK in 2000 after collaborating with Sky Network and Thomson, a set top-box manufacturer. However, sales of the set top-boxes was terminated in January 2003 due apparently to disappointing results.

TiVo is also the first ever DVR service in US and allows its users to save their favorite TV programs and perform an actor-based search of shows. It had reported 2.73 million users in its third quarter this year in the US.

Expressing his views on the subject, CEO of Virgin Media, Neil Berkett mentioned that the company’s fibre-optic network will come together with TiVo’s services to provide state-of-the-art TV viewing experience to the UK population.

It is interesting to notice that this tie-up will make Virgin Media the sole distributor of TiVo devices in UK. This deal is being seen as TiVo’s attempt to establish a name in UK media services after making its mark in the US.

Our Comments

It will be interesting to find out whether TiVo products in the UK will be compatible with their UK counterparts. Should this be the case, there will be a significant grey market for TiVo products in the UK.

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