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Absolute Radio Introduces Live Tagging On iPod Nano

Absolute Radio, a prominent UK based radio station, has unveiled a sophisticated iTunes tagging application that will allow iPod Nano users in the UK to tag songs they hear on the device's FM tuner so they can later purchase those tracks at the iTunes store.

With the launch of this application, Absolute Radio has become the first radio station in Europe to collaborate with Apple on this level.

The users will be given the opportunity to tag any song they hear on Absolute Radio from their iPod. This means that even if the users do not happen to know the name of the song, they will be able to purchase it online.

UBC media group’s software arm, Unique Interactive, has developed and applied this technology for the radio station and the group now plans to dish out the iTunes tagging technology all through out Europe.

It is interesting to see the levels of development iPod Nano has gone through since its launch in 2005. Now in its fifth generation, Nano today comes with a video camera, a first for MP4 players and it also comes in two 8GB and 16GB versions and even sports a larger, 2.2" diagonal screen.

It has also managed to get extensive support from third party vendors who have immensely contributed in enriching the platform through a slew of accessories.

Our Comments

One has to wonder whether people will actually care about buying the song using the tagging system. Obviously Absolute Radio is hoping for sales to be significant since it will be able to get a share of the revenue, albeit tiny, of every song sold through it.

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