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Apple Looking To Close Down Psystar

Having registered a significant legal triumph against Apple mac clone maker Psystar, Apple is now reportedly looking forward to permanently pull the shutters on the company.

Along the same line, Apple has asked a California district judge to issue a permanent injunction that would stop Psystar from breaching the former’s copyrights, and eventually it would put an end to the very existence of the Mac-clone maker.

The filing further stated that Psystar owes Apple a whopping $2.1 million in damages, although Apple is unlikely to get that big amount, provided that Psystar has assets worth $50,000 only, according to the website Daily Tech.

The legal tussle between the two companies started back in July 2008, when Apple dragged Psystar to court over the claims that the latter’s computers ran illicit version of its signature OS X operating system, and henceforth infringed the copyright laws.

In addition, Apple also charged Psystar with trade and trademark infringement, breach of its copyrights, and unfair competition.

Apple’s recent filing surrounds to put a ban on Psystar from breaching its Mac OS X copyrights in anyway, and stop it from evading protection measures integrated into the OS.

“Psystar Corporation has built its business on infringing Apple Inc.'s copyrights and trademarks, free-riding on Apple's research and development efforts, and trading on Apple's hard-earned reputation for high quality, innovative and easy-to-use computers”, Apple noted in its filing.

Our Comments

Psystar took on a Goliath and wrongly thought it could win. Being a "David" doesn't help in those circumstances and Psystar is learning this the hard way. That said, should Psystar resurrect into another more traditional computer shop, it may enjoy some good sales due to the publicity it received over the past few years.

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