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Ikee Coder Gets Software Job With iPhone App Startup

Ashley Towns, creator of the first iPhone worm Ikee has been given a job in an Australia based iPhone application development company.

Incidentally the virus created by Ashley had affected the iPhone users in Australia the most and many of them still have the photograph of popstar Rick Astley stuck on their iPhones.

Towns has followed the footsteps of many hackers who have gone legitimate and his antics, despite causing hassles to a number of iPhone users, have still managed to land him a lucrative job.

However the news has not down well with some security experts including Graham Cluley of Sophos who expressed his disappointment over the fact that Ashley Towns has shown no regret over what he had done and instead got a reward for his irresponsible behaviour.

The worm was designed to specifically target jailbroken iPhones whose default SSH password had not been changed. It was restricted to Australia as there were no reports of the worm from anywhere else in the world.

Once the virus had infected an iPhone, a photo of 1980’s popstar Rick Astley had replaced the infected iPhone’s wallpaper with a slightly ominous sounding caption “Ikee is never going to give you up”.

Our Comments

The question that should be asked is whether this is not going to inspire others to do the same in order to get fame and as, Mr Cluley put it, rewards for what is essentially something worse compared to what Gary Mckinnon has done.

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