More Extensions Coming To Google Chrome Browser

Chrome users will now be able to add extensions to their favourite browser, a feature which was earlier absent in the much vaunted browser developed by Google.

In a web post on the Chromium blog, Chrome team member Lei Zheng said that the developers will be able to upload the extensions for the browser on the newly created Chrome Extension Gallery.

Interestingly, the developers will be able to upload icons, screenshots, text and even a YouTube video to explain to the user how to use of the extension.

The review process for the extensions will be totally automated but not in the case of a developer using NPAI or local file access because these codes run with full-user permission and Chrome doesn’t protect them from malware.

The extensions are first going to be reviewed by a dedicated team of testers before being available for the internet citizens to use.

However, the Extension Gallery can only be used with the current beta version of Chrome browser and not with the early version which incidentally has its own extensions website which is not authorised by Google.

Moreover the search engine giant is yet announced the launch date of the Extension Gallery for general users.

Our Comments

Extensions have been one of the main reason behind the lack of interest from smart users. Google Chrome is rapidly catching up on Firefox by adding a more comprehensive extension feature. By the end of next year, the browser will possibly be the most likely to dislodge Mozilla's open source browser.

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