Windows 7 Global Marketshare Surpasses MacOSX

According to a report released by the Internet metrics research firm Net Applications, the new Windows 7 OS has crossed the 5 percent mark in market share, beating the Mac OS X by a slight 0.14 percent last weekend.

It was found that approximately 5 percent computers logged on to the net on Saturday were running on Windows 7 and the figure was 5.14 percent on Sunday when it crossed Apple’s Mac OS X. Interestingly Windows 7 was just launched on October 22nd 2009 and it has, in its very first month of sale, already taken over a significant market share

Experts believe that the reason for the increase is the overall market share of Microsoft which today stands at a massive 92.5 percent. Also they are of the opinion that Microsoft concentrates on the sale of the software, as it is not involved in making PCs. On the other hand, Apple focuses on the sale of Mac computers which incidentally have Mac OS X, as the operating system, onboard.

The current holiday season is expected to see an exciting contest between the two much vaunted operating systems with each vendor looking to increase its share and both Apple and Microsoft are pulling up their socks to market their products.

Our Comments

It is interesting to see that Net Applications actually lumps together the various versions of Windows 7 OS into one. Windows 7 RC1 still accounts for some significant figures given the fact that it has been launched well before the final version of Windows was released to market.

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