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Apple Debuts iTunes LP & Extras Tools

Keeping up with the promise it made last month, Apple has emboldened independent developers and small labels by offering them access to the technology and process behind iTunes LP and iTunes Extras.

Along the same line the iPhone maker has created a dedicated page on its website that provides developers with all the necessary information resources they need to develop appealing and interactive music and movies.

Incidentally, the company has already introduced its signature iTunes LP and iTunes Extras media formats for movies as well as music albums when it issued the key update to iTunes, version 9.0.

Both these formats, LP for music and Extras for movies, incorporate added content, such as behind-the scenes details, extra shots, videos, commentary, and much more.

Speculations were abound that Apple was deliberately keeping the access to the enhanced formats restricted, and enabling only big brands to make use of these much vaunted formats. But, Apple has proved them wrong.

Updating its new info page on the highly sought after formats of the media industry, Apple quoted in its website: “Here’s everything you need to know to create a rich, interactive experience around your music and movies. All right in iTunes.”

The website further mentioned that automatic approvals for both the features are due in the first quarter of the next year, and till then all approvals shall be handled manually.

Our Comments

Intriguing step by Apple to provide with a set of tools to allow artisits to promote their own albums and creations. Looking at it from another angle, it looks and feels as if Apple wants to launch something similar to Myspace which essentially does the same job.

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