giffgaff UK launch

O2 launch giffgaff in a puff of viral advertising. The MVNO is using a crowd sourcing business model, where tasks traditionally done by employees are incentivised to subscribers. Customers answer each others service queries via the community forum. For example recruiting a new subscriber will net the original member £5.

Initial pricing compares will to other SIM only brands, free calls to other giffgaff members, UK mobile and landlines 8p a minute, texts 4p. Data use is free until May next year, with the company asking members what they think it should cost.

‘Giffgaff’ is apparently a word of Scottish origin meaning 'Mutual accommodation; mutual giving'. I have a feeling this means someone Scottish from O2 made it up. I’m borrowing from Blackadder by wishing giffgaff my sincere contrafibularities.

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