Palm Loses Data Of Pre, Pixi Customers

Leading smartphone manufacturer Palm Inc. has confirmed the reports of data loss suffered by Palm Pre and Palm Pixi users all over the US. The data incidentally was stored over its cloud computing based storage servers.

In a statement issued along with network service provider Sprint, the company has acknowledged the fact that Pre and Pixi users had suffered significant data loses.

However, the company claimed that only a small number of people were affected by the loss and the company is working closely with Sprint to retrieve the lost data of the aggrieved users.

The matter came to notice when SFgate reported that many Palm Pre and Palm Pixi users were experiencing problems with data transfer on their smartphones.

In addition a number of users have claimed to have lost their calendar entries and contact information as their data was not being properly stored on Palm servers.

Owing to the cloud storage technology that Palm offers, the data which is stored by the user on the Palm smartphones gets backed-up automatically on their user ‘profile’ on the Palm server. Whenever the user resets or changes the handset, the data automatically gets synced to the phone.

Experts believe that this incident is likely to cause concern amongst people and businesses that are looking to use cloud based storage systems.

At an age were data has monetary value, the current and future users of the cloud storage system will expect better security and storage of their precious data.

Our Comments

It is not the first time that this is happening. T-Mobile experienced an even more significant downtime with its Sidekick users but regular data losses are unlikely to dissuade people from using cloud computing overall.

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