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Acer To Launch More Android Smartphones In 2010

Taiwanese manufacturer Acer has confirmed that it will be launching more Android-based devices next year as it looks to add to the lonely Acer A1 phone that's based on Google's mobile platform.

This year, Acer has launched 10 mobile phones, the overwhelming number of which were Windows Mobile based. However this is set to change if Aymar de Lencquesaing, Acer's senior corporate VP and smart handheld president, is to be believed.

He told Reuters that next year will be more balanced between the two platforms due to the fact that there is a "momentum" behind Android, significantly bigger than they would have anticipated 12 months ago.

This means, that Acer will be launching on average one Android phone every 2 to 3 months with their target for 2010 being set at 8 to 10 devices depending on market conditions.

Acer has been particularly quiet when it comes to Android and the A1 (AKA Liquid) has been its only product that contained the OS; however, it is likely that this will rise significantly as it tries to diversify its range to increase smartphone sales and capture a larger share of the market by next year.

There's also the fact that Acer is a very strong competitor in the netbook market and has already said, back in June 2009, that it believes "the Android operating system will contribute significantly to the worldwide netbook market growth". This means that we could well see Android-based netbooks from as early as January 2010.

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The other thing worth mentioning is the fact that Microsoft would be seriously miffed by the incursion of Android in the smartphone market, not least because Android is built by Google AND is a Linux-based platform. Ouch.

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