Amazon Claims Best Ever Sales For Kindle E-book Reader In November

As the emerging market for e-readers is seeing new additions everyday, Amazon Kindle 2 is fighting hard to protect its market share from the likes of Barnes & Noble Nook.

The e-tailing giant has also claimed in a press release that Kindle has had the best sales figure so far in the month of November.

However, Amazon failed to release the actual sales figure to the media giving rise to many muttering and speculations about the sales figures which are said to be phenomenal.

The company, in statement said that Kindle was the best selling product on its website and claimed that people were even buying the e-reader in bulk.

The company believes that many companies are looking to Kindle e-book readers to their clients or employees in the holiday season. Interestingly the company has been providing a press release every day as a part of its marketing strategy.

The Kindle 2, which was recently upgraded with increased battery life and PDF support, has seen its price slash byf $40 since its launch on February 24th to $299.

The e-reader can hold over 1500 books and claims to a 20 percent faster page turning speed as compared to other products in its class.

Our Comments

Amazon has all the rights to claim that it managed to bring the concept of e-book in the mainstream. The Kindle is an excellent device but things are set to change as early as next January if, as rumoured, Apple debuts its head-turning, game changing iTablet (or whatever it will be called).

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