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BBC iPlayer iPhone App To Debut Soon?

Settling the rising rumour wave on the blogosphere about the imminent launch of iPlayer app for the iPhone, the BBC has let the cat slip out of the bag as it released a screenshot of the same in its monthly press pack.

The Corporation, in its monthly press pack, has showed an image displaying an iPlayer application running on the Apple’s blockbuster smartphone. The screenshot showcases a download as well as streaming option, along with the feature to view live content as it broadcast.

It further shows the iPhone connected to a Wi-Fi network, suggesting that 3G connections wouldn’t be allowed to use the catch-up service, something that doesn't come as a surprise given the reluctance of some mobile network operators.

In addition to downloads and live streaming of television and radio programmes, the application would enable its users to send messages to the programme using the iPhone app.

Stats revealed in the press pack further noted that the iPhone and iPod Touch usage is contributing to around 7 percent of total iPlayer requests for TV programming, and 3 percent for radio programming.

In the month of October, iPlayer got a whopping 79.3 million total requests, which include 53.2 million for TV programming and the rest 26.1 million for radio - its best since its launch in 2007.

Our Comments

Whether the link was a voluntary one or not remains to be seen. One thing that cannot be disputed is the fact that a dedicated BBC iPlayer app is real and should, barring unforeseen circumstances, appear in the UK App store by the end of the year.

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