Next Generation Apple iPhone 4G Spotted In the Wild

Apple's iPhone cuvee 2010 may have briefly appeared on the radar after a developer noticed that an "iPhone 3.1" device appeared on the logs of an iPhone transportation application he has developed called iBart.

Pandav used an analytics package from Pinchmedia and managed to track down the yet-to-be announce phone under the moniker "iPhone 3.1" which is expected to be the next generation iPhone (ed: check our articles on the iPhone 4G here).

Macrumors says that references to the iPhone 3.1 first appeared three months ago and posits that the smartphone might come with a multi core processor (based on ARM's Cortex A9) and be available on Verizon network.

One can expect the iPhone 4G (or whatever it will be called) to be launched in the month of June 2010, as it has been the case for the previous versions.

Our Comments

So there we have it the first evidence of the existence of the iPhone 4G and one which is apparently as solid as it can get. There's still seven months or so remaining before the next iPhone becomes available.

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