Cellphone Users Cautioned Against Leaving Their Handsets In Taxis

In a survey commissioned by Credant Technologies, a security company, it has been revealed that almost 10,000 mobile phones are left by Londoners in taxis every month. It was also found out that 1,000 laptops and iPods were also left on the back seat of the cabs.

The security company’s VP, Sean Glynn while talking to The Register mentioned that the company carried out the taxi service on a regular basis. He added that the holiday season generally saw a sharp increase in the number of gadgets left on the back seat of a taxi.

Interestingly, as people are widely embracing technology, iPods and mobile phones are gradually replacing office briefcases and hand bags as items the passengers sometimes leave in a taxi. Security experts believe that mobile users should be very cautious about leaving their handsets as it can lead to data loss and expose them to a myriad of other hassles.

Speaking on behalf of TAXI, a magazine for the Licensed Taxi Drivers association, Steve McMenara commented that it was widely known that people tend to forget their ‘property’ at the back of the taxi including mobile phones and laptops during Christmas time. He added that people who are in London only for their Christmas shopping and are not used to traveling in taxis were more prone to leave their mobile phone in the taxi.