CruchPad Unlikely To See Light Of The Day Anytime Soon

The creator of the TechCrunch blogs, Michael Arrington has announced in a blog post on TechCrunch that the highly anticipated tablet device, "CrunchPad", has apparently got shelved and will not be launching in the market anytime soon.

The touch screen tablet was scheduled for a November launch with a price tag less than ₤250. Arrington was working in collaboration with Fusion Garage to develop the internet-friendly tablet which had 1GB of RAM and1.6GHz Atom processor along with 3G and Wi-Fi.

Interestingly, Arrington had claimed that Intel was selling him chips with a ‘zero margin’ and also that various companies in the Silicon Valley were coming forward to invest in the project.

Fusion Garage, a tech company founded in 2008, has been accused by its former partner Arrington, who has announced that the company had dropped him out of the ‘CrunchPad’ project and has decided to go ahead without him.

In a blog post on TechCrunch, Arrington says that the product was only two weeks away from being launched to the public and claimed that the tablet was ready for a demo. The reason for the failure has been miscommunication, greed and jealousy, he wrote.

However, some analysts believe that the probable reason for the break down of the project is lack of financial backing for the project as traditional Silicon Valley investors may not look to commit themselves to a low-cost product for a market that sees new entrants every day.