Droid is a Transformer – The Motorola Milestone

The Motorola Droid is a Verizon Wireless exclusive built for North American CDMA networks. The European GSM version is called the Milestone and has started to become available across Europe. Stock goes on sale in the UK on 7 December.

Not yet announced as available through any UK carrier, the Milestone is appearing on independent web sites. Priced at around £450 it’s listed for sale from next week. The Android 2.0 phone retains the features of the droid, but sadly not the red demon eye and robotic voice. Europeans do gain the advantage of multitouch support, so iPhone-like pinch control for zooming and navigation is a great addition. The phone comes with a trial version of MotoNav, but I expect users to switch when full functionality for free Google Maps Navigation is released for Europe. Let it be soon!

I like Android, I love full QWERTY-sliders. So why am I so disappointed at the name change? Answers on a postcard, or at least a comment.

Originally published at OneMobileRing.com