NHS Unveils iPhone App Designed To Monitor Alcohol Intake

NHS has rolled out an iPhone application which allows the user to count the alcohol units consumed and informs them when they are drunk.

The application, which is available on the iTunes store for a free download, has been dubbed NHS Drink Tracker. The application is a part of the government’s ‘Know your limits’ campaign to remind people of the adverse effects of alcohol consumption. The Drink Tracker will help the user to maintain a personalised drink chart and makes them aware if they are having too many drinks.

Gillian Merron, Public health minister, told BBC that as the festive season was fast approaching, people will need to keep track of their alcohol consumption.

The application which can be also downloaded from the NHS website will ask the user to enter the number of drinks consumed everyday. Then the application will make recommendations on the amount of alcohol that should be consumed by the user in order to maintain a healthy balance. The application will also be available for Windows mobile phones as well as Windows and Mac desktops.

According to the current guidelines issued by National Health Service, men should not consume more than 3-4 units in a day whereas women should stop at 2 units.