Yahoo Reveals Top US Search Results For 2009, Michael Jackson Number 1

Search engine giant Yahoo has revealed the Top Ten searches for 2009 in US and results seem to echo the feelings of millions of Americans who want to divert their minds from the recession that hit the country this year.

King of Pop Michael Jackson, who died on 25th June, grabbed the top spot for maximum overall searches in 2009 dethroning Britney Spears who had held on to the top spot for four straight years. Yahoo said in a statement that Michael Jackson’s memorial got maximum streams in the history of Yahoo with 5 million views.

Second in line was Twilight, the book and the movie series based on vampires. The third slot went to WWE, the wrestling entertainment network. The last 7 slots in the top ten list were Megan Fox, Britney Spears, Naruto, American Idol, Kim Kardashian, NASCAR and Runescape. Yahoo also added that the internet had acted as a prime source of news for PC and mobile phone users.

Yahoo also revealed other Top Ten list for 2009, including top ten mobile searches in which Megan Fox got the top spot and Mobile Games got the 2nd place. Michael Jackson, Movies and Rihana got the 3rd, 4th and 5th slot respectively.