YouTube Rolls Out Its UK Ad Campaign

YouTube, the online video sharing website, has firmly set its sights on the emerging online TV content market ever since it entered into collaboration with Channel 4 that allows it to air full-length Channel 4 programs like Peep Show and Holly-oaks.

Now, taking its attempts to dominate the online-TV market a step further, YouTube will look to initiate an ad campaign ahead of the launch of next generation internet based TVs that will roll out in 2010. The brand new line of internet-based televisions will include Sony’s Bravia range of televisions.

YouTube’s first ever advertisement will be seen with the tag line 'YouTube's got TV' and will be seen on full-page newspaper ads, bus sides and tube panels. The online video sharing giant has recently made deals similar to those with Channel 4, with BBC, ITN and Turner broadcasting.

Interestingly, some of the full-length Channel 4 shows airing on YouTube already contain advertisements from Pepsi, Orange Virgin Media among many others.

However, Mediacom’s head of broadcast implementation, Rhys McLachlan has commented that although TV is the future of online video broadcasting, the transition process will take time. He added that the maximum number of people watched the same 6 channels on the television. When there is nothing on the TV, they switch to on-demand TV services on the internet.

TV content aired on the internet had seen 1.6 billion views in 2008 alone and if Screen Digest is to be believed, the numbers will rise to 5 billion views by 2013.