Appeal To Steve Jobs Leads To The Approval For An iPhone App

Brian Meehan, a developer working at Pointy Heads Software has apparently got his company’s Knocking Live Video iPhone app approved by Apple after writing a compassionate letter to Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs. The application had earlier been rejected by Apple.

The software, Knocking Live Video allows iPhone users to stream live videos that are being shot by them to several iPhones at the same time via 3G or Wi-Fi network provided that they have the app on all of the iPhones. However, the app will not be able to transmit sound and it doesn’t allow the video viewers to record the video.

According to ArsTechnica, the app got rejected because it was using the same API which Apple uses to develop its internal projects. However, the rejection of this perfectly legit app is the direct result of the faulty automatic application scan that was started by Apple to screen the apps that were sent for its approval by the developers.

Recently Apple had been facing criticism from the app developer community for rejecting most of the apps that were sent its way for approval. The developers had accused Apple for having a very strict screening process for the apps.

The surprising reversal of the decision to reject the app is seen by many as an attempt by Apple to correct its relations with the developer community and generate some PR among them.