Cisco Rolls Out Its Sophisticated FlipShare TV

After the launch of Cisco’s highly acclaimed Flip camcorder which allows you to shoot a video and post it on YouTube effortlessly, the company has now rolled out the FlipShare TV, a set-top-box that streams videos shot by you on your TV for viewing.

The box allows you to view the videos posted by you or share videos with your friends on Flip’s FlipChannel service. The box also enables you to stream videos directly from your PC via peer-to-peer 802.11n Wi-Fi connection which uses a USB dongle.

FlipShare TV is essentially set up by first connecting the USB dongle, which comes with the box, to your PC. The dongle will install the FlipShare software automatically on your computer, just like the Flip camcorder. When the software is fully installed, one can connect the white colored FlipShare TV box to your TV via video ports. As soon as the AC adapter is connected, an easy to use user interface appears on the TV screen which lets you know when the box is connected to the FlipShare software on your PC.

The FlipShare TV box set comes with an iPod Nano sized remote control that allows you to browse through the video selection and has 4 navigation keys. The menu button on the remote also allows for scrolling through the video source options and clips stored on the hard drive.