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Expansys To Sell Motorola Droid In UK For £450

Online retailer Expansys has announced that it will be selling the Motorola Droid, which will be known in the UK as the Milestone, for as little as £450 excluding delivery over the next few days.

The unsubsidised device will be unlocked and should work on any network. Expansys has managed to get the exclusive rights to sell the Milestone in the UK until the end of the year although grey imports have already appeared.

The phone has drawn some very positive reviews due to its superlative features. It has 3.7-inch capacitive touchscreen, a 1GHz ARM-based processor, a slide-out physical QWERTY keyboard, a 5-megapixel camera with LED Flash, WiFi, GPS and much more.

The Milestone comes with 8GB onboard memory with an additional 32GB that can be added and according to Motorola, the phone will make photos sharper and produce videos that pop. In their own words, it is a phone without compromise.

Expansys is also offering the phone on a T-Mobile Combi 30 contract for £35 per month with the phone costing an additional £50. As mentioned before, the release of the Droid will make the Dext, the previous Android-based Motorola phone, quasi-obsolete months after its launch.

Sales of the Milestone - which will be the first phone to feature Google Android 2.0 - have been significant in the US with Motorola saying that more than 800,000 have been sold since going on sale early November.

Our Comments

The Motorola Droid could be the US company's make or break phone, literally. It is interesting to see how the rate at which the specifications of the Android phones are improving at breakneck speed compared to the iPhone.

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