It’s Kiss And Make Up For Apple And Psystar: Though Partially

Apple Inc. and the Mac clone maker Psystar have settled a large part of their legal tussle with the latter agreeing to pay $2.7 million to Apple instead of keeping the legal battle on in the federal court of Northern California.

The settlement, which has been reached after an intense 17-month long legal wrangling, would effectively prevent Psystar from pre-installing Apple’s Mac OS X operating systems on the Intel-based Mac clones it sells.

However, noticeably, the agreement wouldn’t apparently stop the Florida-based company from selling Mac clones.

In addition, the damages will be cleared in the amount of $1.34 million, with another $1.34 million for the attorney fees and other costs incurred by Apple, both not to be given “until any and all appeals in this matter are concluded or the time for filing any such appeal has lapsed”.

In addition, Psystar further submitted new filings with the court, in which it claimed that its signature Rebel EFI software, which paves the way for the installation of Mac OS X on machines other than from Apple, should be kept out of any settlement.

Citing the same, the company noted in its latest filing, “[The Northern California District Court] should not give Apple an injunction covering a software product the legality of which Apple has yet to litigate anywhere”.

It further mentioned that giving an injunction to Apple “would invade the jurisdiction of Judge Hoeveler of the United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida”.