Susan Boyle Gets The Pole Position In Google Zeitgeist List

Susan Boyle, the singing sensation from UK has apparently topped the list of Google’s list of fastest rising news searches for 2009 along with ‘swine flu’.

Susan Boyle shot to worldwide fame after appearing in the auditions of ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ and her auditionvideos have already recorded over 100 million views online. She went on to win the 2nd place on the talent show. She released her first album on 23 November 2009 which became the best-selling album in pre-salesat

Google’s Zeitgeist list for 2009, which was recently released by the search engine giant, has revealed thatBig Brother, Steve Irwin and Nostradamus appear on the list of hot topics of the decade. Stephen Gately, the deceased Irish singer has topped the list of hot topics for 2009 and got the 9th slot in the fast rising news topic list. Michael Jackson, the king of pop, was 6th on the list.

The pop icon got the 2nd place on the list for fastest rising ticket searches for 2009 due to the fact that before his death, he was scheduled to perform a concert at the O2. The same list was headed by Lady Gaga which also included Whitney Houston and The Pixies.