The power of 1GHz mobiles

Super-fast processor phones will become objects of desire for customers next year. 1GHz processor chips power the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10, the LG eXpo, and the Toshiba TG01 which is already available with Orange for Christmas.

Moore’s law explains that the number of transistors packed into a processor will double every two years. This can double the power of the processer. Speed increases have driven computer sales for years and will push our market forwards as well. Remember Pentium, PII, PIII and P4, dual-core becoming quad-core, etc?

The iPhone 3GS promised the S stood for speed, it has a 600MHz processor, the Samsung Jet is faster and runs at 800MHz. It’s not all about speed, as Apple’s success has shown, but an easy way to claim one-upmanship and a unique selling point is to pop a faster chip. Qualcomm make the Snapdragon brand chipset that powers the X10, eXpo and TG01 and Samsung Hummingbird chips are a new rival, claiming to be more efficient for battery life.

Faster and more powerful applications need more raw processing power and it never hurts a marketing of a phone to be able to say “there’s nothing faster”.

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