UK Gets Its First Official Twitterer-In-Residence

In an incidence that in fact serves as a testimony of the kind of influence Twitter has, the northern UK town of Darlington has become the first town in the country to have an official ‘Twitterer-in-Residence’.

The Darlington Partnership has appointed an IT teacher, named Mike McTimoney, for the post of its own kind.

The lecturer will be paid £140 annually and he will be responsible for making the most out of the microblogging phenomenon to inform people about news and events in the town.

McTimoney, who will be tweeting under the name of TheDarloBoard, has achieved the position by showcasing his creative capability to tweet effectively and a passion for the city of Darlington.

Expressing his felicity over the appointment, McTimoney said in a statement: “I think it is great to be the UK's first Twitterer-in-Residence and hope other towns will follow suit. I deal with young people on a daily basis and think this is a great way to get important information to them”.

One of the members of the Darlington Partnership, Andy Atkins, has emphasised on using the power of digital social media to reach as many people as possible in order to make the city popular among the travelling enthusiasts.