“The Black Screen Of Death” Isn’t That Pervasive, Says Microsoft

A serious technical glitch, popularly dubbed as “The Black Screen of Death”, surrounding Windows operating system that has been kicking the users’ computing experiences into the darkest trenches is reportedly not as widespread as it was first thought to be.

This enigmatic PC snag emerged around a week back when a UK-based security firm Prevx brought the issue into the limelight.

In its reports, the security vendor noted that the annoying issue reportedly had its roots in one of the security updates Microsoft released in its periodic Patch Tuesday cycle for the month of November, and that the issue had the potential to hit Vista, NT, XP as well as the Microsoft’s latest avatar in the operating system Windows 7.

The issue has made Microsoft launch an investigation to find the exact cause of the error, and eventually concluding that the issue had nothing to do with the Patch Tuesday security update for the November month, but accounted the flaw to some sort of malware infestation.

Incidentally, Microsoft has dispelled the gathering clouds about the mysterious technical problem by saying that the issue is impacting a comparatively lesser number of users than touted earlier.

Christopher Budd, Microsoft’s security response communication head, has slammed the widespread reports about the latest security updates being the cause of the technical glitch. Playing down the issue, he mentioned “Our support organization is ... not seeing this as an issue”.