BP Awards T-Systems Multi-Million Pound Contract

British Petroleum has awarded Deutsche Telekom’s T-Systems a multi-million pound deal which will allow the telecom supplier to take charge of BP’s voice and data communications infrastructure. T-Systems will also manage BP’s other voice and data suppliers along with the company’s global telecoms and internet services.

According Dana Deasy, the Chief Information Officer of BP, the deal with T-Systems will allow it to reduce the complexity and cost of its communications infrastructure. However, Deasy did not reveal the financial particulars of the deal.

T-Systems is a global communication solutions company which was founded in October 2000 with its head office in Frankfurt, Germany. The comm. solution giant operates in over 24 countries including Germany, France, Spain, Italy, South Africa, and India with over 46000 employees worldwide.

T-Systems incidentally is credited with an illustrious record of managing data and voice infrastructure for many large companies. It apparently provides Shell with datacenter infrastructure and Centrica with IT infrastructure while it also takes care of multi sourcing contracts for Lufthansa and Heineken along with Bosch and Aldi.

Sam Kingston, T-Systems UK MD said that apart from providing technology integration services, the company strives to transform the overall technological environment.