Google Adds Twitter To Its Friends Connect Platform

Google has rolled out a twitter integration feature on its Friend Connect platform which will allow any one with a Twitter or Google account to log-in into a website if it supports Friend Connect platform.

Google Friend connect is a platform which allows its users to log-in in to any website that supports Friend Connect, allowing them to share the content of the website with their friends. Websites that have enabled Friend Connect can offer their users, who are logged in with a Google account, to access applications and content from HI5, Orkut, MySpace, Plaxo and many other popular social networking platforms.

Google will look to increase the popularity of Friend Connect with its collaboration with Twitter. When users log-in with their Twitter account, their username and picture appears on the website allowing the users to tweet friends with a click of a button if they want them to check out the site. Any comments posted by the user on the websites that features Friends Connect can be made automatically available to friends via tweets.

However, the popularity of Facebook connect has increased immensely and some experts believe that Google is looking to compete with Facebook connect with this twitter integration.