Intel Showcases Prototype Of Its 48-Core Mega Chip

Researchers at Intel have taken off the wrappers from a cutting-edge 48-core processor that it purports will herald a new epoch of “immersive, social, and perceptive” manner of computing by fabricating integration analogous to datacentres onto a single chip.

The new concept chip, dubbed as “Single-Chip Cloud Computer (SCC)”, which is hitherto a research item only, aims at optimising on-chip performance, power consumption, and communication to a great extent.

The prototype unveiled under the company’s flagship ‘Tera Scale Computing Research Program’ further touted to have processing speeds and performance 10 to 20 times better than the existing processors from Intel.

The company actually developed it as a prototype to illustrate the potentially huge scalability that can be achieved with the future computing machines and to stimulate the development of advanced applications.

SCC boasts of a high-speed on-chip data sharing network coupled with advanced power management techniques that paves the way for all its 48 cores to operate at extremely high energy efficiency at a meagre 25 watts, or 125 watts when functioning at its topmost performance.

Touting the prototype of such an incredible processor, the chief technology officer at Intel, Justin Rattner, said: “With a chip like this, you could imagine a cloud datacenter of the future which will be an order of magnitude more energy efficient than what exists today, saving significant resources on space and power costs”.