Microsoft unleashes Updated Bing Maps Powered By Silverlight

Bing, the search engine offering from Microsoft has of late gone through some intense modifications and has the potential of emerging as a serious threat to search engine giant Google.

Of all the new features added to Bing, Bing Maps stands out for its sheer sophistication. The web application requires Microsoft’s Silverlight software to run boasts of bouquet of features which figure amongst the best in its class.

Interestingly, Microsoft has also added ‘Street Side’ feature which is aimed as a replacement for Google’s Street view. However, the feature is not as detailed as Street view. Another update is the enhanced ‘birds eye’ feature which as its name suggests is designed to give a bird’s eye view to the user.

Apart from all this, the feature that scores over Google Maps is the little blue tab at the bottom of the Bing Maps screen. When a museum is searched on Bing Maps, upon pressing the blue tab, a blue icon appears and so do several green flags on the museum. Each green flag represents a bunch a photographs that were clicked by people inside the museum.

Microsoft also gives users the opportunity to modify their maps and search for local businesses in the area along with adding local information.