More adverts from O2

O2 has launched a mobile advertising subscription service to bring personalised adverts and special offers to registered customers. Unlike previous (failed) attempts to do this, there is no special incentive to sign-up, beyond any promoted advert itself.

Shaun Gregory, Managing Director of O2 Media, said: “Mobile advertising has been slow to deliver on its promise. Much of that has been down to a lack of understanding, limited opportunities and no real accountability or measurement. O2 More is about to change all that and will spearhead the UK’s first truly personalised media business.”

More than 50 brands are already involved with O2 already claiming a 52% response rate for a Blockbuster campaign on Top up Surprises. Impressive stats. Other top offers are available from Adidas, Cadbury and Interflora.

O2 customers can sign up to the service and register their preferences at from December 3. Up to one advertising message per day will then appear. O2 Media also opened a new suite of offices in London, with a rapidly expanding team to promote and develop the service.

Mobile advertising has huge potential but it’s a delicate art to not disengage customers. Nobody has it quite right yet but the 15 to 24-year old facebook generation are likely customers, keen to hear about cool new stuff. I was in a cinema yesterday during Orange Wednesday and saw swarms of this age group, all clutching mobiles.

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