Nokia Looks At Stagnant Market Share In The Coming Year

Nokia, the Finland based mobile phone manufacturer, has predicted in its investor meeting that the company will see no change in it’s market share even though the mobile phone market is set to grow by 10 percent.

The company has been facing some serious competition from Apple iPhone and low-end mobile handsets manufactured in china. A Gartner research had revealed that Nokia’s share in the smartphone market sunk to 39.3 percent in Q3 from 42.3 percent last year whereas Apple and RIM have seen an increase in their market share.

The company is also planning to launch several touch screen phones in US to deal with Apple’s iPhone though Nokia is way behind Apple in terms of applications. The market share of Nokia’s mid and low range phone, which provide 55 percent of the device sales revenue, is being encroached upon by Chinese mobile handsets.

However, the company plans to focus more on its services business and improving smartphone sales all over the globe. Nokia will look to target 12 to 14 percent of operating margin through its phones and services business.

The Finnish company has also promised its investors to launch 45 brand new phones and variants. The company has also predicted a ‘product milestone’ next year.