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£12.22 p/m LG GT500 100 min 100 text

The GT500 Puccini from LG is the perfect handset for anyone looking to own their first touchscreen phone.

The sleek and slim case incorporates a massive 3" TFT touchscreen and a fantastic high-end 5 megapixel camera complete with auto focus, image stabilization, digital zoom, face recognition and a LED Flash.

Geo-tag your photos via the integrated GPS receiver whilst a smaller secondary camera takes over for 3G video camera calls.

Connectivity wise the GT500 is no slouch. The HSDPA 7.2mbs Fast Internet connection keeps you in the superhighway's fast lane when browsing the net and reading your email, USB and Wi-Fi connections are also included and a MicroSD card provides extra space for your photos, mp3's and files.

Music and movie lovers are in for a treat as the inbuilt media player supports a huge range of file types, has high quality built-in Dolby 2.0 sound, includes an FM RDS Radio and provides Stereo Bluetooth connectivity allowing you to stream your music to a set of external speakers.

If you want a small stylish touchscreen phone that's packed with hi-end features then the LG GT500 Pucinni could well be the one for you!

You will get a LG GT500, 100 minutes, 100 texts on T-Mobile. The contract (opens in new tab) is 18-months long and costs only £12.22 per month after a £50 instant cashback.

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