£21.67 p/m LG Chocolate BL40 300 min Ultd Texts Passport

The LG Chocolate BL40 features a 4.0 inch wide HD LCD display presenting a vivid range of natural colours allowing photos to appear sharper and videos more true-to-life.

With the 4.0 inch wide touchscreen display, you can read entire web pages without scrolling horizontally, bringing the internet to life.

The BL40 runs on the S-Class UI which puts favourite content at your finger tips on a 3D cube. The New Chocolate also includes a 5.0 Megapixel camera, HSDPA, Wi-Fi and GPS.

You will get a LG KF900, 300 minutes, Unlimited texts on Vodafone with Vodafone Passport. The contract is 24-months long and costs only £21.67 per month after a £80 instant cashback.