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300,000 iPhone Apps By 2010 Reckons IDC

Online marketplace already seems to be inundated with an umpteen number of apps, but if forecasts from the researchers at IDC are to be believed then we have just been exposed to a prelude of what could be referred to as "app avalanche" in the next year.

The analyst firm has come up with a list of predictions for the year 2010, out of which one portrays 2010 as the year which will see the introduction of a wide range of apps.

Announcing the predictions, the company said: “It will be a watershed year in the ascension of mobile devices as strategic platforms for commercial and enterprise developers as over one billion access the Internet, iPhone apps triple, Android apps quintuple, and Apple's "iPad" arrives.”

Furthermore, the analysts were apparently very much enthused by the exploding growth that Apple App Store has showed in the recent past, as they forecast the number of iPhone and iPod to reach a whopping 300,000 by the end of the next year. The company further predicted an incredible annual growth rate of around 900 percent.

However such a mammoth figure may create problems for the users, as they wouldn’t only need to deal with more than 300,000 apps, but would also have to spend significantly more time to find out which ones to download.

The research figures appear to be overly amplified, as in order to reach this figure Apple would have to be more than lenient in its apps approval process - something, which seems unimaginable right now.

Our Comments

There are significantly more apps available on the Windows platform and yet no one complains. Natural selection will make sure that only the best ones remain. IDC has not reported on the growth of other platforms such as Android or Windows Mobile.

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