Bing Goes Offline For 30 Minutes

Bing, Microsoft’s much vaunted search engine suffered an outage yesterday which made the search engine unavailable to users for a brief period of thirty minutes. An error message was displayed whenever an attempt to access the website was made.

Microsoft reported that the glitch was caused by a "configuration change" that was earlier made to the site when it was being tested and it had "unfortunate and unintended consequences".

Satya Nadella, one of the senior vice presidents of Microsoft’s Online Services Division, wrote on the Bing blog that the outage had made the website unavailable for a certain period. He also added that, due to the fault, people were not able to get search results of their queries as well.

However, he also wrote that when the problem was discovered, the change was immediately undone and the search engine has started to function normally. He added that detection and correction of the glitch had taken about 30 minutes. Microsoft is now trying to find the source of the outage so that it’s not repeated again.

Interestingly micro-blogging website, Twitter had seen a stream of messages from Microsoft’s representatives as soon as the problem was detected, explaining that Bing engineers were working on the problem.

Our Comments

If a company like Microsoft can make such a silly mistake on such a key service, then Google must be credited for making such a reliable system. As far as I remember, the global search engine has never gone offline (at least in the US), even once.

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