Google Quietly Launches Dictionary, Thesaurus Features

Google has unveiled its sophisticated online dictionary service without much fanfare. The new dictionary service from Google offers multilingual support and pictures on a typical Google-style light interface.

The existence of the web service was first reported by the LA Times Tech Blog. The Google dictionary has a listing of 28 languages and also allows inter-language look-ups with English or any other language.

Interestingly, a similar feature was available on the search engine earlier. All the user had to do was type the prefix "Define:" along with the query and a list of references used to come up on the screen.

The dictionary allows the user to get the meaning of a word along with word usage, synonyms and references. The service is capable of referencing content from websites like Wikipedia and Princeton University’s WordNet. Users are also being given the opportunity to mark their favorite searches.

With the launch of this highly detailed Wikipedia like dictionary, Google seems to have stepped on many toes, including those of The website was earlier the default search result of Google whenever a word meaning was queried.

Our Comments

Google is rapidly becoming the know-all, do-all service. There are rumours that the company is also looking to launch a property website soon that would make use of its popular Streetview service.

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