Google Testing Youtube Lite Service

In an apparent bid to let people with inefficient internet connections to enjoy viewing online videos seamlessly, YouTube has ushered in a new experimental feature, codenamed as “Feather”, which makes the videos less resource-eating.

The experimental feature rips out a host of excessive elements of the website to dish up standard video viewing to the users having low bandwidth connections and underpowered machines.

The feature slims down the website’s excess by switching the video player default to standard version, restricting the comments shown to 10, and doing away with embedding and sharing options.

In addition to this, the new viewing option also cans the search-bar auto suggest, video replies, as well as the count of related videos.

Discussing about the use of aforementioned slim down measures, Chris Zacharias, a YouTube engineer, quoted in a blog post: “All of this results in a user experience that aims to keep things simple and the videos loading and playing quickly.”

“If we see adoption go up along with improvements in latency, we'll look to roll this out of TestTube and make it more widely available”, he further added.

Owing to the fact that YouTube has of late begun serving high definition videos that require considerable system resources to play, this new feature comes very much handy for users having tight bandwidth and underpowered computers.

Our Comments

It would be interesting to see if like me, many users who have faster connections and beefier computers will be interested to switch to the lighter, less resource hungry version of the website.

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