Young UK Bloggers "Better Writers" Says Report

According to a study conducted by the National Literacy Trust, it has been revealed that kids who are in-tune with today’s technology are "better" writers than those kids who are not.

The Literacy Trust surveyed over 3,000 children in the age group of 9 to 16 and has discovered that nearly 24 percent of these kids had their own blog in which they wrote and almost 82 percent sent text messages at least once a month (ed: that must surely be higher than that).

The report also revealed that 73 percent kids used instant messengers to chat with their friends. Interestingly, it was found that girls liked to write more than boys and quite expectedly girls also had more blogs than boys with 33 percent girls claiming to have a blog as compared to just 18 percent for boys.

The document also suggests that 61 percent of the children who blogged believed they were good writers, so did 56 percent social networking site users (ed: whether they actually write better remains to be seen).

The Director of the National Literacy Trust, Jonathan Douglas, told BBC that he did not mind the fact that kids were using "text speak" or "chat talk" in their writings and added that it was only adding skills to their knowledge base and improve their core literary skills.

Our Comments

Blogging is good whether it is done from a computer or from a smartphone. However, one thing that the NLT has not revealed is whether these are changing the very fabric of English language. New technologies like Twitter and SMS are now used by billions worldwide, far more than any writing medium before.

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