Youtube Partners With Channel Five Over Video Content

Google-owned Youtube and broadcaster Channel Five have struck a deal that allows the world's biggest video sharing website to stream content aired on the Berstelmann-owned channel for free.

Popular series such as Aussies hits Neighbours and Home and Away as well as The Hotel Inspector and the Gadget show are now available online and future episodes will appear shortly after they are made available over the air.

However other programmes such as the CSI franchise and newcomer FlashForward won't be streamed in the UK as Channel Five has not managed to convince the rights owners.

It is estimated that Youtube's UK audience has reached more than 20 million although much more fragmented than in traditional television. Worth noting as well is the fact that the deal covers only UK audience.

The three year deal will give Youtube access to 250 hours of archive from Five and will also see revenue trickle in thanks to pre-roll and mid-roll advertising. Both companies are expected to share any monnies derived from it.

Nikesh Arora from Google UK said: "The past few weeks have been exciting for all of us who love British TV, and we're delighted that our users can now find even more of their favourite programmes in YouTube's new Shows section.

Google had announced in the past year several similar agreements with Channel 4 and others that is legitimising Youtube's role as the biggest video website on the web and one of the five most popular sites globally.

Our Comments

Who needs BBC's Canvas when you've got something as powerful as Youtube? The reason why the Beeb and others are bypassing Youtube is because they would give away the control of the distribution and the content, something that's simply not acceptable.

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