IBM Forks Out $225 Million For Guardium

IBM has added a new member to its list of acquisitions for this year by purchasing network and data protection vendor, Guardium.

Guardium specializes in protecting and monitoring databases of large companies. Apart of keeping an eye on database activities of a company, the company’s technology can initiate tasks which can help the businesses with regulatory compliance. IBM is hoping that with the acquisition of this firm, the company will be able to provide better security for its clients' vital data.

Arvind Krishna, general manager of IBM Information Management, said in a statement that several companies were struggling with industry standards and government policies to ensure that their vital data is protected efficiently from internal and external threats.

He added that the acquisition will enable the company to further protects its clients data and secure their systems for a very long time to come. Interestingly, Guardium’s technology is capable of monitoring specific issues and irregularities whenever a company’s data is accessed.

IBM and Guardium are yet to officially provide financial specifications of the deal but an Israeli financial newspaper, The Marker, has reported that the deal has been made for a sum of $225 million.

Our Comments

IBM is forcing its way ahead with the acquisition of Guardium. Big Blue has been focusing on acquisitions as it is still sitting on a substantial cash war chest and has been on the lurk to get the best deals in a tumultuous market.

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