Broadband speed

British Telecom has had to admit that its Chairman, Sir Michael Rake is the only resident of Buckinghamshire village and not-spot Hambleden to have access to fixed line broadband. Apparently, the premier connection is part of a trial of new technology and no company could afford to provide broadband to residents, so far from an exchange. Embarrassing to Sir Michael to be the only broadband user in the village, but maybe he could share it?

Government plans to introduce 2 Mbps broadband access to every home in the UK by 2012 have had media coverage as varied as the country’s broadband. Prime Minister Gordon Brown was spot on in saying that digital technology would be as important to Britain's 21st century economic prosperity as "roads, bridges, trains and electricity were in the 20th century". Good sound bite Gordon, but where are the modern Thomas Telford, George Stephenson and Michael Faraday to lay the foundations for success this time around?

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