Ecosia Touted As World's Greenest Search Engine

Ecosia, a new search engine that has won the backing of the Worldwide Fund For Nature, is not apparently the greenest search engine on the web thanks to a number of tweaks carried out by its creators.

The site, which is set to officially launch today, has been built by a team of volunteers headed by 26-year old, Christian Kroll and earns some green credentials by running on green electricity.

It claims that each search carried out on Ecosia can save up to 2g of CO2 or 2 square metres of rain forest compared to other traditional search engines.

Each search carried out on Google, according to one Ecosia promotional video, produces as much carbon dioxide as a light bulb in 60 minutes.

Ecosia has also pledged to give 80 percent of its advertising revenue - generated through sponsored links - to a WWF backed project in the Amazonian rainforest.

Interestingly Ecosia is powered by Bing and Yahoo and could be one of many such vertical search engines backed by the two search giants. The site will also provide with personalised statistics about the amount of rainforest area saved per search.

As of this morning, they had apparently saved around 335,000 square yards thanks to around 156,000 searches with most visitors coming from the US, Germany and Spain.

Our Comments

It is estimated that if on average 500,000 users carry out one million searches every day, it could save two million square metres of rainforest every day which is equivalent to the surface area covered by Switzerland. Obviously, Ecosia is not the first "green" search engine around though.

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